Hi, my name is

JP Esteban

and I'm a

copywriter. voice talent. web developer. host/emcee. livestreamer. dungeon master. freelancer.

Nothing half-assed

About Me

I specialize in finding solutions that help you and your business grow, or lend a hand with tricky projects where out-of-the-box thinking is needed. My personal work ethic is: "finish what you start." I do everything in my skillset to get things done.

If you're looking for someone flexible and diversely skilled, who's capable of functioning in stressful work conditions and has the passion to keep learning and applying new knowledge and masteries, you've found the right guy.


Event & Video Host

A confident emcee could liven up your conventions, conferences, and other events either on location or online. You've just found one.


I've written for magazines, newspapers, website SEO, and more. Whether the content is for an article, review, or script, I can churn out copy with native English proficiency like there's no tomorrow.

Voice Talent

If you need an American-accent speaker to narrate your explainer videos, animations, or other audio projects, look no further.

Web Development

Ever since messing around with CSS profile customization in Neopets circa 1999, web design and development has been a constantly evolving skill in my toolbelt. My clients include—among others—a local radio station, an international security company, and landing pages for professionals.


As a streamer who completed Twitch's Path to Affiliation twice on two different channels, as well as a partner at TV5's GGNetwork, I've got the experience to engage with pretty much any audience regardless of the stream topic.

Dungeon Mastery

I've run adventures for parties big and small, virtual and real, for an audience as well as in the privacy and comfort of home. Summon me and roll for initiative.

Contact Me

Let's talk about your project.

This website is under construction. Some of the content and assets are temporary placeholders. That said, all of the important information—particularly those in my CV and personal bio sections—are accurate and true.